Land For Casino? How Did the Pokagon Tribe Acquire the Land For the New Casino?

If you are like me, when you think of land for the construction of a casino, your mind’s eye may bring up images of gambling rings, casinos, and plenty of blackjack. I am sure you are more familiar with Las Vegas. Yes, you may have watched the real estate downturn, and with it have watched the properties going under the waves of foreclosure. That is not the real estate decline that I am concerned with.

The Pokagon Tribe in northern Indiana is setting up the first Native American casino to open in the United States. It is being built in a community of the Nishinai Indian Nation. As a matter of fact, the tribe has been given land for the new casino site but does not own the land yet.

In fact, the Nishinai will have no say in how the land is used for the casino, the Pokagon Tribe will. Indeed, the new casino will be designed by the tribe and constructed by the tribe.

The American Indian community is beginning to take an interest in gambling. Certainly, many communities have abandoned the blackjack tables. The lack of gaming has led to the demise of many gambling joints, and some have ceased to exist altogether.

That being said, the Nishinai, and all Indian tribes have a need for gambling. After all, the French put oil on the planet to power their ships. The nation survived and thrived because of that necessity. Perhaps the same can be said for the tribes.

The Pokagon Tribe in Indiana will also have a community center, and they have pledged to construct a health and wellness center as well. These include games for young and old alike, and entertainment for everyone.

However, it is hard to say how the Pokagon Tribe will prosper with their new casino. How will the tax base be sustained? How will the tribe retain its prosperity for generations to come?