The Seven Clans Casino and the Oklahoma Gaming Commission

In our continuing series on gambling and state laws we are taking a look at a casino in Oklahoma that doesn’t meet all of the basic standards. Seven Clans Casino is one of those casinos that have recently opened up in Oklahoma, however, many of the issues are some of the things that have made them a prime target for the state gambling commission. While it has to be said that the state gambling commission has done a great job at keeping gambling legal and available to many of its citizens, there are still plenty of problems.

seven clans casino oklahoma

This is because it is owned by one of the owners of one of the Oklahoma oil companies. The casino is owned by BP, and it is found in an area of Oklahoma where the oil companies have been dumping waste water. Of course, one of the problems that the state gambling commission has found with this establishment is that the owner seems to be trying to keep the casino away from one of the dumping grounds that the state has issued permits for.

When you start digging into the case that has led to Seven Clans Casino being allowed to open up in Oklahoma, you find out that it is not just a one time affair. There have been numerous legal disputes between the state gaming commission and the owners of the casino. Seven Clans Casino is in an area that the gambling commission sees as being close to the dumping grounds that they issue permits for. Seven Clans Casino in particular seems to be hoping that they can fight against the state’s efforts to regulate gaming within the area in question.

If you take a look at Seven Clans Casino, you find out that it is located on a road that also has a water dump site that has not been regulated. The Oklahoma State Gaming Commission has warned the casino that it is on a road that has not been regulated for water dumping, and the casino would like for that to change. So, in a way, Seven Clans Casino might have a chance in Oklahoma, but not a very good one at that.

Another thing that makes Seven Clans Casino something of a challenge is that while it is in an area that is well known for oil and gas drilling, it is not where all of the drilling is going on. The Casino itself does not seem to be located too far from the areas where drilling is happening, but it is far enough away that the state commission sees a problem with that. It does appear to be in an area where some of the drilling is taking place, but the state gambling commission would like to see that stopped if it can be stopped at all.

The one other big problem that Seven Clans Casino has is that they are not recognized as one of the licensed gambling establishments in Oklahoma. The state gambling commission believes that the casino is a casino, but it is not recognized as one. That seems to be the real problem.

In the end, there are many reasons that make Seven Clans Casino something of a challenge to get licensed for, and it is something that the state gambling commission sees as problematic. It seems that this gambling establishment is simply trying to make itself different from the traditional gaming venues in the state, and that is something that is doing them a lot of problems. The gambling commission is still trying to figure out how they can deal with Seven Clans Casino, but it is something that they really have not found a solution for yet.

One thing that is becoming clear though is that the Oklahoma gaming commission is trying to make the gaming experience something that it really is not. In some respects, it is just trying to close the door on gaming altogether. It seems that the gambling commission is afraid of the competition that is going to come from other gaming locations that are not as tightly regulated as the gaming commission would like to see them.