What Are Hotel and Casino Promotions?

As in most casinos, the free casino spins can be performed on roulette, craps or blackjack as well as other casino games. The roulette spin where the player will get rewarded points by spinning the wheel is called a “red spin”. The craps bonus where the player is required to stand and place a bet of a pre-determined value against a specific number of “buy in” spins is known as a “green spin”. The most popular of all the casino games, blackjack, is the only game where a player is not required to place a bet and instead will receive a single point for each game won. This single point may be exchanged for cash, casino chips, free spins at casino gaming tables, or other casino offers.

It is important to note that these free casino spins are not considered cash, and are not convertible to cash or another casino offer. Hence, one’s earnings from these “red and green” spins are not taxable nor are the rewards from these spins subject to gifting, tax-relief or gift-grain status. These are also referred to as non-cashable rewards. For example, a free casino spins played on blackjack do not earn the player a single point, but may still be exchanged for cash (either by playing the spins again to acquire more free spins, or by exchanging the player’s winnings for cash), casino points or other casino offers.

Casino wild slots and video poker machines also have red and green spin promotions where players earn non-cashable points. The non-cashable point earning format is very similar to the free casino spins. Players earn one point for each drawn ticket sold, whether sold by an individual patron or through the use of a promotional mechanism such as logos, images or videos. A single player slot game, on the other hand, may award up to four points per ticket sold. With this kind of structure, casino operators can determine the number and types of promotional offers they want to offer to their patrons. For instance, they can either award double points, in case two players purchased the same ticket or choose to provide patrons with only three points if they purchased a single ticket.

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